Russian Drift Series

Drift Allstars Round 1. Yas Marina Circuit

Motor sport fans from across the GCC descended on Yas Marina Circuit this weekend to watch the world’s biggest Drift AllStars in action.
For the first time, a star studded line-up of 10 international drifters as well as the best drifters from across the Middle East battled it out on the North Circuit of the world-famous F1® track in the hopes of taking the coveted top spot in what proved to be a spectacular first round of the 2016 Drift AllStars GP Series – Abu Dhabi Drift GP
In the main event it was Steve Baggsy Biagioni from the UK dominated qualification, unbelievably this was the first outing for his newly revised Nissan S13, built specifically for his international competition campaign in 2016 and equipped with a freshly American built LSV8.
Embracing the power and laying down the right lines, he was joined in P2 by Andrius Vasilkiaus(Lithuania), with Ali Makhseed (Kuwait)in his Toyota Supra leading the middle east representation in P3. 
Seasoned championship contender Nigel Colfer(Ireland) locked in P4 in the Tri-Ace tyres S13 with a run that looked like he'd been here a hundred times before.
Our Top 16 throw up some great battles and some drama at the same time. Reigning UAE champion Ahmed Alamri would battle Abdulhadi Alqatani, but a mechanical problem caused an engine fire and that put the Toyota GT86 pilot out of the running. 



TICKETS / 24. April 2016.

  • visitors: 10.- EUR/person 
  • childrens: 5.- EUR/person / between 3-12 year
  • parking tickets 1.- EUR / day / car
  • entrance is free for childrens under 3 year





Takahiro Ueno received an approved petition for Formula Drift and will be running in the 2016 season! We have been told by several readers he currently has his 2JZ powered BMW for sale and will be running this Lexus RC for Formula Drift. This is another huge Japanese driver coming to America to battle it out with the best in the world. He will be a nice replacement since Yokoi isn’t going to return this year. If you aren’t familiar with Ueno we suggest checking out the video below from GT Channel.

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Dear drivers 2016 season licence and first event registration is opened : 
2016 icence registration open :
First race registration is opened soon :
24. April 2016.
  • visitors: 10.- EUR/person 
  • childrens: 5.- EUR/person / between 3-12 year
  • parking tickets 1.- EUR / day / car
  • entrance is free for childrens under 3 year

Hunakamo Drift Championship 2016


Hunakamo Drift Championship 2016 

24. April    Hunakamo Drift Cup / RabócsiRing / PRO-PRO2
29. May    Powerfest Drift Cup / Slovakiaring / PRO-PRO2
10. July     Kilinccsel Előre Drift Cup / RabócsiRing / PRO-PRO2-STREET
27. Augu   Trackwood Drift Festival / RabócsiRing / PRO-PRO2-STREET
10. Sept    Extreme Drift Kupa / Hungaroring / PRO-PRO2

EXTRACT (Not full version) of the 2016 Technical Rules |

EXTRACT (Not full version) of the 2016 Technical Rules

Events organised oby and partners


1. CAR

1.1. Scrutineering : It is the responsibility of the competitors to ensure that their vehicles at least meet the minimum safety requirements. The entry form includes a waiver which shall be completed and handed in at Event Documentation. Competitors shall make their safety apparel and vehicle available for scrutineering at the request of the appointed scrutineers or the event organiser. The vehicle shall be presented in the condition in which it will be used in competition, with all equipment fitted.

1.2. Chassis and Body The race car chassis must come from a well-known car manufacturer. Chassis modifications are allowed. Aftermarket body panels, bumper covers and wings are permitted. All hoods and deck lids must be adequately and securely fastened.

1.3. Suspension Suspension upgrades are allowed.

1.4. Fuel and Fuel Tank Any grade of automotive gasoline may be used for fuel. The vehicle shall use the original fuel tank or an safety fuel. Fuel filler caps must be

securely fastened so as not to open on impact.

1.5. Brakes Brake bias modifications and controllers are permitted. Brake systems including caliper, rotor & pads, lines, fluid and pedals must be in good shape and

working condition. LED brake light over the front windshield is NOT mandatory.

1.6. Engine Engines are open for modification or replacement. All drain plugs must be securely fastened. No leak of any liquids from the engine is tolerated. Category

Pro : NO Limitation; PRO2/SEMI-PRO: maximum size 4900ccm + NO supercharger/nitro/compressor or turbo allowed

1.7. General Circuit Breaker All vehicles must be fitted with a general circuit breaker that must cut all electrical circuits (battery, alternator or dynamo, lights,

horn, ignition, electrical controls, etc.) except the automatic extinguisher system and must also stop the engine. It must be accessible from outside the car and

should clearly be marked outside the vehicle with an appropriate sticker, preferably on the top of the left front arch.

1.8. Seats Only Racing seat are approved

1.9. Safety Harnesses  Vehicles must have a minimum 4-point seat belt

1.10. Lateral Windows, Sunroofs, Windows Nets and Arm Restraints For all  vehicles, it is mandatory to have clear OEM glass or Polycarbonate. All vehicles must run

with windows closed.

1.11. Leak Catch tanks must be installed and securely fastened. No fluid leaks of any kind at any time will be tolerated, any leak will lead to immediate

disqualification. Additional cleaning costs may occur if a full clean-up is requested by the racetrack.

1.12. Hooks Functional, visible and accessible tow hooks on both front and rear of vehicle which are clearly marked by an arrow must be installed. If the original tow

hook is being used then an extension strap is required.

1.13. Lights All cars must have 2 visible working brake lights and 2 visible working headlights.

1.14. Battery Battery must be securely fastened down with metal straps and must be totally covered.1.15. Exhaust Every car must maintain an exhaust system with no risk

of fire. A limit of 100 db will be requested by some events,

1.16. Safety Cage and Cage Padding  6-point safety with “3X” cage and safety cage padding following FIA Article 253.8, are permitted
1.17. Fire Extinguisher system are NOT mandatory.

This set of rules may be modified anytime during the season.

Formula DRIFT Round 3: Unchartered Territory Results

Long Beach, Calif. – June 6, 2015 – Formula DRIFT presented by GoPro entered Orlando Speed World for the first time for Round 3: Unchartered Territory. Ryan Tuerck in the Retaks / Maxxis Scion FR-S takes the event victory and moves into second place in the standings.

Round 3: Unchartered Territory lived up to its moniker as the Series entered Orlando Speed World for the first time. 637,000 viewers tuned into the Driftstream during the weekend and were not disappointed. Despite the inclement weather, the action on track was very competitive. The new track would prove to be challenging even for the most seasoned of veterans.

“We were happily surprised with the at capacity crowd attendance for our first time at Orlando Speed World,” says Jim Liaw, President of Formula DRIFT. “Florida has always been a key demographic for the Series and now I think we have found a sweet spot in Central Florida.”

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Podar Alexandru Calin #7. Overall

  • Name: Podar Alexandru Calin
  • Born: 29.03.1988, Romania
  • Car: Nissan Skyline R33
  • Team: Motonik Drift

1. Meet Podar Alexandru - How did you get into drifting?

A couple of years ago I've attended a local drift event where one of my friends was part of it. He took me for ride and it blow my mind. I was always into cars and motosport , it's my passion.
From the beginning I knew if I wanted to start this, I have to look for the best and not keep the passion just for myself and a group of friends.  So in 2012 I took the decision to buy a Nissan Skyline which was brought from UK and from that point all started to take a shape.

2. So you were not new to motorsport, right?

No, I've been part of a few competitions in drag race and offroad but drifting it's a complete new experience for me; I've decided to stay on and grow as drift racer.

3. How did you develop your drift car for this year competitions?

Kristaps Bluss A Worthy Licensed Pro 1 Addition

9.Kristaps Bluss A Worthy Licensed Pro 1 Addition


"I wasn’t logging speed over the week but I can say with confidence he was one of the fastest cars around the Long Beach course this weekend. Teams doing certain data logging even told me he was in the top percentages of consistency around the course. The amount of grip this car has at full lock blew my mind away. Sadly, he went home early during Top 32 with a broken axle. I cannot wait for these guys to be in action at Road Atlanta!"

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